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Delivering FreshnessEveryday

Bengaluru is a city of innumerable tastes, and Day Fresh aims at creatively preserving those flavours. Day Fresh originated a decade ago in abroad with the launch of a seafood and meat retail shop. Understanding the need for providing the best experience of seafood and meat, we started our service in the heart of South India, Bengaluru.

The growing customer base made Fresh Day expand to different corners of the city. Our long range of salubrious seafood varieties is freshly imported from the coasts of Kerala and Mangalore. Plus, seven-days-week available service brings the soft mutton and chicken to you in your desired forms.


why choose us

free shipping

We deliver to your home for free of cost. There is no hidden charge for delivery.

Payment Support

We support all the major payments such as Credit/Debit Card, UPI Payments, Wallets... etc


Our dedicated team of customer executives are available for support 24/7.